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2018 Continuing Education Classes

Your registration must be received one week before the start of each class. Please submit a separate check for each course.

Checks will not be deposited until the course is underway. Please include your e-mail address in order to facilitate any

communication during your course.


If weather or some other emergency forces the closing of the Ayer Shirley Schools, Community Education classes that are held in on-campus facilities will be cancelled and rescheduled. (Off-campus classes are not affected by emergency school closings.) Emergency school closings are announced on major Boston-area broadcast stations. If for some reason your instructor cancels your class, every effort will be made to notify you by e-mail. Unless otherwise listed in the course description, classes will be held at the High School and Page Hilltop School in Ayer, or the Middle School and Lura A. White School in Shirley. If minimum class registration is not achieved, classes may be cancelled. Refunds will be paid only in the event of a class cancellation or medical condition that prevents attendance.


Please check our website for directions to room locations.

Voice mail messages may be left at: (978) 772 8600, Ext. 1467. E-mail:

Register using our online form by October 20, and receive a 10% discount!

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Ayer Shirley Regional High School:
141 Washington Street, Ayer, Ma 01432

Ayer Shirley Regional Middle School:

1 Hospital Road, Shirley, Ma 01464


Page Hilltop School:

115 Washington Street, Ayer, Ma 01432


Lura A. White Elementary School

34 Lancaster Road, Shirley, Ma 01464

Off Campus Classes & Addresses:

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